Weakling to Warrior. A Gideon Study.

As I was talking with a friend today we discussed how the mighty men – the warriors – in the bible are no different that we are.  They were ordinary men.  Most of them had jobs, families, responsibilities, and similar every-day problems that we have to deal with today.  However, many times when we read about them or hear their stories we view them as a sort of super-hero, special breed of man who God used because of a unique ability or strength.  But one look at Gideon and it’s easy to see he was no super-hero, at least not in the world’s eyes.  He was a regular guy from a regular family doing a regular job in a regular town.  When he encountered the angel, he was not leading an army — he wasn’t even a leader in his family!  He was from the weakest of the tribes of Manasseh – and on top of that, he was the least in his tribe!   In man’s eyes he was certainly no one special and he was surely no warrior.  But in God’s eyes he was the perfect man for the job.  In God’s eyes he was already a…. mighty warrior.

When the angel of the Lord appeared to Gideon, he said, “The Lord is with you, mighty warrior. – Judges 6:12

The Lord picked Gideon not because of who he was but because God knew He could work through him.  Gideon, with all his weaknesses, trusted the Lord and obeyed His direction.  Because he did, a great battle was won and God was glorified.  That seems to be how the Lord does things.  He uses people and situations that seem so helpless or hopeless that the work He does through them demands God be recognized as the Giver.

The next time we feel like we are the least of all those around us, remember that God is searching for those that He can show His power through.  Just be available and watch what the Lord can do!


Strength & Honor.

Bro. Rick


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