“Obeying God as Gideon” by Jeff Phillips

The first thing I notice is Gideon’s self doubt. He quick is to point out that he is the least of his family in the smallest family when he states “behold my family is poor in Manasseh, and I am the least in my fathers house.” Gideon doubted himself so much that he doubted that the Lord would visit him. His doubt caused him to require God to prove his presence three times. The glorious thing about God is that he sees a man’s true character in his heart. When the angel of the Lord called upon Gideon he referred to him as “thou mighty man of valour.” The definition of valour is “boldness or determination in facing great danger.”

Gideon’s greatest strength is his willingness to obey God. Once he truly believes that God has chosen him, he truly obeys God and lets that valour show. In Gideon’s first response to God’s call you do not see that valour, but it definitely shows up when he obey’s God and throws down Baal’s alter that his father owned. His valour shows up again when obey’s God’s command to the fullest by defeating thousands of Midianites with only three hundred. Then he continues to shows that valour when runs all over Israel chasing the remains of that Midianites Army while felling faint.

God has a plan a for all of us, all we have to do have the boldness to obey his word and command. I have had at lot of self doubt over the years, but he has helped me with it and shown me how to depend on him more. My prayer is that I always recognize his voice when he gives me a command and that I continue to get better at obeying that command.

Humbly His Servant


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