“Feeling Weak? Remember Who HE is and Press On!” by Matt Janes

Gideon, I believe, was like many new to Christianity or who have been struggling.  They are so used to what the world has labeled them that they actually believe it. Gideon was the weakest in his family. His tribe was the weakest of all the tribes. When we believe what the enemy or the world tells us about ourselves we can find ourselves hiding in a wine press. We forget the power that we have through God and His Son,  Jesus Christ.  We question our self-worth and our faith.  Even though God showed himself to be faithful, Gideon still questioned the plan that God had for his life.  It wasn’t until his first victory that I feel he was truly committed.  He stopped asking God to prove Himself and set out to finish the path that God had laid before him, to the point of almost starving his troops to death.   Gideon knew that God would give him the complete victory and pressed on.

If we start to question who He is, we only need to remember the victories He has already given to us and press on!

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