“Boaz… An Inspirational Leader.” by Kirby Barnett

Boaz shows great leadership by blessing those that worked in his fields when he arrives.  His willingness and kindness he shows to those he initially meets is another great leadership trait. This is what Boaz did with Ruth. Boaz treats his servants with respect. Boaz is also caring, thoughtful, and generous. This is displayed when Ruth was on the threshing floor with Boaz. He sent her back to her mother in-law with barley. Boaz is also a selfless man. He did what needed to be done in order to maintain the name of the dead with the purchase of the property. He did not want their name to be forgotten. In my humble opinion, Boaz is a strong leader due to these character traits I’ve listed. I believe he was such a great leader because he was a man of God, and was guided by Love.

I am inspired to be more like Boaz.

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