“Boaz’ love for God and his Servants” by Eddie Oliveras


All I can say is wow!

The first thing that came to me about Boaz was that he was a true warrior of The Lord.  Not because he went into battle through war, but through his generosity and kindness.  I felt as if he didn’t see himself higher than any of his servants.  I think he looked at himself and others all as “Servants of God”.  We should learn from Boaz and never underestimate the effect our generosity can have on other people. When we give to others in the name of Christ, (as Boaz did) we should not be surprised if some become believers and others renew their trust in the Lord. All of us should be looking for opportunities to give out our time and resources generously without expecting something in return.


Boaz is a great example of that.


~ Eddie Oliveras ~

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