“A Real Warrior isn’t Looking at Status or Appearance.” by Charles Thompson

Boaz was a great man that saw what others did not see in Ruth.  When he found out that she was a hard and loyal worker, he wanted her to work alongside of his servant girls.  He knew that there she would be protected from possible danger from the others.  He saw something that attracted him to her.  He let her drink from his water jars during work and also eat from his own table and wanted the harvesters to leave the choice grain for Ruth to pick up.  He told his This was a sign that he developed feelings from the attraction of Ruth.  When he showed favor on her, she asked him why he shows so much kindness to her.  He let her know that he heard of her devotion to Naomi and how she left her city to be side by side with her.  He also liked how she had changed her faith over to God of Israel.  With the status that Boaz had, he could have chosen any woman (my opinion) but he chose Ruth for her devotion and hard work.  He showed great mercy and favor on Ruth to bring her in and treat her as he did.  As Christians, we should stop looking at people for their outside appearances, or status of their positions.  We should do the right thing at all times.  Boaz was a real man, a GODLY  man!  Boaz gave Ruth more than just material things, he shows his heart and spirit.  Boaz honored God when he showed how giving and generous he was without having any prejudice  towards Ruth, and all this was rooted in love.


Strength & Honor my fellow King’s Men


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