“Boaz. A man of honor & integrity.” by David Johnson

Boaz was a man of outstanding character, a mighty man that display many characteristics of a warrior. He was a protector, a man of integrity and a compassionate leader.  From the moment Boaz saw Ruth gleaning in the field, He felt compelled to protect her and Naomi. He told his servants to leave extra wheat for her to pick up and allowed her to drink from the men’s water.

Boaz was an amazing man of integrity. When Ruth went to the threshing floor Boaz treated her with respect and did the honorable thing by taking the proper steps to making her his wife.

Boaz was a very compassionate man of God. How nice it must of been for his workers to be greeted every morning with a blessing. He also showed great compassion to Naomi by restoring her faith after she lost her husband and sons and had to move.

What an amazing example Boaz sets for us as Christian men. An example that I will strive for in my every day walk with the Lord.

Strength and honor,

David Johnson

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