“God’s purpose will be accomplished” by Patrick Kitchens

OK my thoughts on this warrior…

One, he had guts – lots of guts.

Two, a very ungodly person of all things.

However our Lord uses whom ever He wants to serve Him in the way that He has planned. On the other hand The Bible I’m using to read this states in one of the bold print (as some Bibles have) says this “The longer the Israelites are in Canaan, the more they find themselves drawn into the beliefs and practices of those around them. Samson although he is a deliverer of his people and set aside by God, demonstrates the worst traits of his people. He actually takes a wife from among the other people who are trying to conquer Canaan, the Philistines. But in all of this we are told God is working out a purpose; Samson has the Spirit of God. Not only does God use imperfect human beings for His own designs, but God can use human weakness to achieve His goals.  Samson’s weakness, although it leads to his personal destruction, becomes God’s strength and leads to great victories for Israel.”

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