“Have faith in God’s plan for your life.” by Kirby Barnett

I think we need to realize that God has a plan laid out for all of us. As He informed Manoah and his wife of the plan for Samson, the same is with each of us. We must have faith in Him with the plan He has for us. We also need to understand that with the Lord leading and protecting us, that we can overcome all things. As Samson did when the Lord helped him destroy a lion with his bare hands. As the Kings men, we need to be filled with the Spirit of the Lord to conquer all battles. As Samson was bound with rope the Lord came and removed them. Then Samson was able to defeat 1000 men with a jaw bone. All this possible because of the Lord. As Samson’s last stand against the Philistines, he showed great courage knowing he would die when he and the Lord destroyed their temple. We as men need to understand and have faith that as we continue to seek God and allow him to work in us, He will show His favor for us and help us overcome any obstacle.

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