“Passing along wisdom is as important as attaining it.” by Kirby Barnett

When God chose Joshua, He gave specific detailed instructions of direction, encouragement, and support. This was a divine call to Joshua. This requires a great leadership trait which is listening. Joshua also had great vision. When the Lord allowed them to cross the Jordan river, Joshua wanted other generations to know Gods miraculous works. So Joshua had each tribe get a stone from the riverbed and stack them on the bank of the river so when asked what they were, they would know of Gods miracles and what He has done. Most of all, what I appreciate about Joshua is his obedience to the Lord. By being obedient, he was a servant to the Lord, and that’s all we need to be. Joshua came up under the “wing” of Moses. In my humble opinion, Joshua’s biggest mistake is he did not train and pass along the gifts and knowledge to someone else before he died. So we as the Kings men need to encourage, support, and lift up others to build Gods kingdom as is happening with the Kings men’s group. Thank you to the leaders of the Kings men’s group for all you do.

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