“Joshua encounters the Captain of the Host of the Lord!” by Mike Varnadore

Much could be (and has been) said about the integrity and strength of God’s warrior, Joshua.  From his humble service under Moses to his victorious conquest at Jericho as God’s newly appointed leader of Israel, we see a man who trusted God and was used mightily by Him.  Joshua witnessed first-hand the awesome power of God time and again throughout Israel’s journey to the promised land, but one key event stands out to me. 
In Joshua 5:13-15 we read about Joshua’s encounter with the armed and ready ‘captain of the host of the Lord’, who appeared to him with sword in hand and encouraged him for the upcoming battle at Jericho.  No doubt, this encounter with Christ Himself served to strengthen Joshua and gave him the confidence needed to advance forward in the mighty calling which God had entrusted to him. 
Like Joshua, we too can proceed with confidence in our Christian callings today, knowing that this same Jesus has not only promised to walk with us, but also IN us, through this world.  While this does not make us exempt from temptations, trials, or battles, we can rest in God’s full assurance and promise that, through faith and reliance upon the Captain of our salvation, we are victorious over them all. 
Strength & Honor!
Mike Varnadore


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