“The Warrior Samson… Judges 13-16” by Eddie Oliveras

So what I got from the Samson’s story was that he was given power and strength from God. The problem that Samson had was that he started to lose his faith in God by depending solely on hair. He believed that the only reason he had his strength was because he has never cut his hair. His 7 locks of hair became his idol. Samson also fell short of God’s glory by giving into the fleshly desires. By letting his desires of this world get the better of him, he gave up his covenant that he and his parents made with God, which was to never cut his hair. He depended on his hair so much that once it was gone he lost his strength. Once Samson realized that it wasn’t his hair, but God is what gave him is strength.

The things I learned from this story was to always give God the glory He deserves and DO NOT put your faith on the things that God gave you! Another thing is that God will never leave you, even after the things you’ve done. He blessed Samson that one last time to prove to him and the Philistines that the strength didn’t come from his hair, but from God.

Eddie Oliveras

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