“Guard yourself against arrogance.” by Joe Luttrell

Samson was a mighty warrior for the Lord.  But I cant help but to see the arrogant side of him. The Lord gave him super human strength, so much that he killed a thousand Philistines with the jaw bone from a donkey. He ripped a lions jaw apart as if it were a young goat. He picked up the gates of the city and carried them on his shoulders to the top of the hill across from Hebron.  Towards the end he showed his arrogance when Delilah asked him time and time again to reveal the secret behind his strength.  Each time he told her a lie about his secret.  Each time  the Philistines would try to take him away, but he broke free. He was so blinded by his arrogance that when he finally told her the truth, he figured I’ll just break free as I have done in the past.  He did not even realize the Lord had left him. We must be careful not to get arrogant in our walk with Christ, it will lead to tempting sin, one day waking up to find that the Lord has left you. In the end I believe the Lord forgave him, because he gave him back his strength. We too can be forgiven, we have an advocate with the Father in Christ Jesus if we truly repent.

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