“King David. A Man After God’s Own Heart.” by Eddie Oliveras

After reading scripture and other studies on King David, there is a lot to learn.  Even though he dedicated his life to God and followed His commands, he did what all  humans do… fall short, stumble, mess up, and get sucker punched.  But we have to be like King David and never lose sight of God!

King David was a courageous warrior and mighty man of God.   He won many battles, beginning  with defeating Goliath and then killing the enemies of Israel by trusting that God will always protect him.

His flaw were serious ones.  The two main ones being lust over another man’s wife and then murder.  King David knew he messed up.  But he continued to seek God’s forgiveness knowing that he will still  have to face the consequences of his sin.

Lessons I learned from doing this Study:

-It is necessary that we acknowledge our own sins.
-We may be able to fool ourselves/others; but we cannot hide our sins from God.
-God will always offer forgiveness, but we cannot escape the consequences of discipline.


~ Eddie Oliveras ~

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