”Jesus Christ’s Weapon of Choice is Love.” by Eddie Oliveras

We all know the miracles that Jesus performed and we also know the teachings He gave us. But what I think makes Jesus the Perfect Warrior is the love he had for EVERYONE. He did not only preach to love your enemies, Jesus literally did. (Luke 23:34)

Jesus also loved his neighbors more than He loved Himself. He came to this dirty world knowing that at some point, He was going to have to show his ultimate love, by sacrificing Himself so that we ALL can be freed.

Prior to being beaten, then crucified on the cross, Jesus accepted and took the place of the man who deserved to be punished in the worst way. Who, other than God, can show that much love?

That amazes me, because any one of us would be quick to defend ourselves when spoken of falsely. Jesus suffered and gave His life to show us how much He loves us, we are obligated to show the love Christ did. (Romans 13:8)

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