“Joshua and His Trust in God” by Jeff Phillips

​Joshua was a man of God with great courage, because he trusted the Lord. There was no task to big or insignificant for Joshua because he had the trust and faith that God would provide a way. That trust is seen throughout the biblical telling of his life.
​The first time his courage is seen is Exodus 17 when Moses directed Joshua to pick choice men to battle the Amalek. He didn’t question Moses or God; he just went and defeated the Amalek. He later shows that trust in God in Numbers 14 when he spoke against all of Israel and their cowardice. The children of Israel had a fear of the Giants that were in the Promised Land that was greater than their trust in God, even after everything that God had done for them. Joshua and Caleb on the other hand knew that God would provide the victory. Later in Joshua 5 and 6, God gave Joshua the plan the destroy Jericho marching around the walled city on time a day for seven days and seven times and make long blast of the horns on the seventh day. The plan seemed impossible, but for God nothing is impossible and Joshua was well aware of that.
​God choose Joshua as Moses’ predecessor, because Joshua was an obedient servant of the Lord that had complete trust the God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel. God blessed Joshua greatly because of his obedience and trust. As children of God and servants of our Lord Jesus Christ, we need to have complete trust in our God and his will even when the odds are stacked against us. The task before you may seem too big for you, but nothing is too big for God.

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