Jesus (Jehovah is salvation) by Justin Pearson

Many people have written about our Savior, Jesus Christ (anointed).  Some have done a superb job while others should have kept their pens in their pockets.  I am not going to write a dissertation or quote scripture after scripture describing Him.  I will simply tell you what Jesus has done for me during my 45yrs on planet earth.  Jesus Christ has been the friend who stuck closer than a brother.  When I contemplated suicide as a teenager, He spoke to me that life is difficult right now, but my grace is sufficient for you.  He also told me that you can’t have the peace of God until you have peace with God.  That still soft voice changed my perspective about life and me. I girded up my loins, rolled my shoulders back and stopped allowing the prince of darkness to drive me into depression.  I have worth and Jesus Christ died for me.  He thought I was just that important to give up Heaven and come to this stinking, sinful earth.  I am important!  He also has been a provider for me.  I was poor and weak.  He took me from a “wimp” to a “warrior.”  I couldn’t afford college, but every year, he brought “donors” in my path to help me pay for four years of college.  When I lost everything during bankruptcy, Jesus Christ brought everything lost back to me with interest.  You see, I know Him as my provider, my friend, but more importantly, my Savior.  I can’t describe an infinite person with a finite mind.  All I can say is that I was lost but now I’m found, blind but now I see.