20 characteristics of a godly man.


Opinions are easy to come by – people will have one on just about anything you ask. The weather last weekend? Last night’s game?  The food at the new restaurant? Just ask and they’ll have their perspective ready for sharing.

Like our thoughts about our favorite football team, most of us also have an opinion about what it means to be a real man. Strong? Courageous?  A great leader? Characteristics like these come to mind for some but something totally different for others.

The truth is, it doesn’t matter what you or I think it means to be a man.  What really matters are the characteristics God says a man should have.  With that in mind, I’ve compiled a list of 20 biblical characteristics of a godly man to help us see how we measure up.  Ready for them?

Here you go…

1. A godly man is a just man – Micah 6:8
2. A godly…

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