Your Family Crest

As a part of the 6 month challenge you will develop a family crest.

Many families have a crest that has been passed down for hundreds of years.  It is a representation of events that occurred many years ago in a families history.  A crest was used on armor to identify it’s carrier in war and to represent a family on banners, documents, etc.

The crest you will develop will serve a similar purpose.  This family crest will represent what traits you and your family wish to represent.  Do you want to be courageous?  Are you a family of honor?  Throughout this challenge you will determine what you stand for and develop a crest that you will bear in this spiritual war.  A crest that will show others who you are.

You are a warrior.


Below is a detail of the month-by-month focus for the crest development process.


This is the time to prayerfully consider what you and your family

represent.  If applicable, hold a family meeting so

that everyone in your family is able to participate in it’s creation.


During the month of March consider what verses you would like to use

that correspond with the different traits you have determined your

family will represent.


Use this month to find the different symbols and shield that you would

like to use for your crest.


Colors have meanings.  Use this month to determine the colors you would like

to use on your crest shield and symbols.


During the 5th month the Men’s Ministry will assemble all of the information

for you and provide a low-grade proof of what your crest will look like.

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