Welcome, Warrior.

Servant & Leader.

God has created you to be both a leader and a servant.  A leader in your home, in your workplace, in the community, and in your church.  He’s also created you to be a servant in those same exact places.  In the bible, God Himself is called “a Man of war” and yet we see Jesus in human form as a servant to those He ministered to.  This the character we should strive for daily.  A strong man with strong biblical convictions willing to fight, live, and lead as God directs but willing to do it all with servant’s heart – for his family and others – putting their interests before his own.


God has instilled a valiant warrior in each of us.  It is up to us to train that warrior and enter the fight.  We can choose to never take up our armor, sword, shield, or responsibility, but we will never realize our full potential until we do.  When we submit our lives to the cause of following Christ, we begin to see great things happen.  Things we never dreamed of.  Things that would’ve seemed impossible.

The choice is yours.

The choice is indeed yours.  And a word of caution…. it will not be an easy fight.  A war has two sides and on the other side, there is the Devil, his army, and his tactics.  He is a professional and will stop at nothing to destroy you in an effort to impede God’s plan.  The good news is that we are not fighting by our strength but by the strength of God.  And we are not fighting physically but spiritually, surrounded by a heavenly army fighting along side us.

So be encouraged, mighty warrior.  God is with you.  He will train you through His Word, other Christians, prayer, and even through experiences in your life.  Taking up your armor and entering this battle is the toughest but best choice you can make in this life.  And the reward for your battle in this temporary life is eternal life with Jesus Christ in the next.  In a place without sin, sadness, or death for evermore, along with all the other warriors who have gone on before us.

Strength and Honor.