“How Gideon & I are alike” by Patrick Kitchens

These are my thoughts on my Warrior Studies on Gideon.

He and I are a lot alike.  He felt like he was not worthy of being a vessel of God, just like I did before I gave myself to Him, and not worthy of any of his blessings or forgiveness. However, Gideon and I both did what he commanded us to do, and now I am redeemed as a result of my obedience. I’m saved through the blood of the Lamb and am born again.  Gideon destroyed (with Gods help for Gideon obeyed Him) the Midianites and the Amalekites camp with just 300 men and did not even use a single weapon to strike them down. In the end we both over came our fear of not being good enough for God and we both won battles that was given to us.

Gideon Character Study
Patrick Kitchens

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